Tiki Rules

Tiki Charter Rules

Your rest, relaxation and enjoyment are paramount to us. But, so is your safety. Before you sip and swim from the best post on the coast, please review our rules.

Below are rules and tips to help you have an enjoyable day on the water. Let me begin by assuring you that your rest, relaxation and enjoyment are paramount concerns as we cruise the waterways of sunny Wrightsville Beach, NC, so if we can improve your charter in any way, we hope you will not hesitate to ask. With that said, our first concern during your cruise is your safety and the safety of everyone aboard the S.S. Tiki Alpha. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to your Captain’s safety procedures address at the beginning of your charter, please take a minute to review the following boat information and rules presented to ensure that you and we are on the same page about expectations and safety arrangements aboard the vessel:

  • Pay close attention to your S.S. Tiki Alpha Captain’s safety rundown prior to departure.

    The Captain will provide a full rundown of the S.S. Tiki Alpha safety gear and emergency protocols, including without limitation man overboard procedures and information on how to stop the boat in an emergency. This information could save a life.

  • Your S.S. Tiki Alpha Captain oversees all things relating to your charter.

    The Captain has full discretion to terminate the charter at any time if he feels that safety of the passengers has become a concern. Further, the Captain has full discretion to dismiss any passenger from the boat at any time during the charter.

  • If you are visibly intoxicated, you will not be permitted aboard the S.S. Tiki Alpha.

    If guests are visibly intoxicated when you arrive at the charter pickup point, those guests will not be permitted to board the vessel and will be entitled to a refund of monies paid. Similarly, if guests become visibly intoxicated during a charter, the Captain has full discretion to drop those guests off at the nearest public dock or otherwise immediately terminate the charter.

  • Stay aware of your surroundings always.

    As you have been advised and will see, the S.S. Tiki Alpha is a floating platform with no perimeter railings or retention walls (i.e., awareness of your surroundings is the only thing preventing you from falling overboard). Due to this fact, we encourage all guests to remain seated while the boat is underway. However, if you prefer to stand, do so with awareness of your proximity to the edge of the boat’s platform and stay within arm’s length of the boat’s bar top. Please be vigilant of waves and wakes as other boats pass by – you may get splashed here and there and we recommend holding on to the bar when large vessels pass by.

  • If you plan to swim during your charter, you swim AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    The boat will stop for swimming activities if requested to do so. Your decision to go for a swim is in your sole discretion and is at your own risk. There is NO DIVING from the boat platform, and anyone entering the water may do so only when the boat is stopped and the motor is off.

  • Persons consuming alcohol aboard the S.S. Tiki Alpha MUST 21+ years of age and MUST have a valid ID.

    When on the open water, we always have the chance of being boarded and searched by U.S. Coast Guard, N.C. Wildlife, NHC Sheriff or Wrightsville Beach Police. Accordingly, passengers drinking alcoholic beverages aboard the vessel must be able to demonstrate their legal right to do so at all times during the charter.

  • If you do not know how to (or cannot) swim, you MUST wear a life jacket at all times.

    You may bring your own life jacket, or one will be provided for you.

  • S.S. Tiki Alpha Captains and crew are NOT authorized to serve anybody alcohol aboard the vessel.

    Passenger consuming alcoholic beverages aboard the vessel must serve themselves. The Captain and crew are not permitted to serve alcohol in any capacity, so please do not ask.

  • We are pleased to make scheduled stops during your trip, but need to know these requests prior to departure.

    If you wish to stop at a particular restaurant or location along the waterway, this is fine. Just let us know your intention as soon as possible. The S.S. Tiki Alpha goes nowhere fast, so accommodating an unplanned stop can serve to shorten the charter for all guests aboard.

  • Passengers are NOT allowed into the helm area at any time during the charter.

    For access to personal items stored behind the helm, please consult the S.S. Tiki Alpha First Mate assisting your charter.

  • Passengers must be 12+ years of age to be on the S.S. Tiki Alpha (persons 12 – 18 years of age are permitted ONLY if accompanied by an adult).

    This rule is self-explanatory, but feel free to contact us directly regarding any questions or concerns around this rule.

Sip & swim from the best post on the coast.

If the Aloha Tiki Charter causes a stir, don’t be alarmed. It’s not uncommon for our unique cruise to catch the eye of passers-by. Simply raise your glass and wave—it’s the aloha way.

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